Pregnant pause

16 Aug

I haven’t posted in the past week not because there isn’t anything to say, but because there is too much. Wife is getting amniocentesis test today, despite our earlier decision not to do it. The ultrasound provided a little bit of suspicious evidence, which spiked our anxiety levels as well as provoking additional testing. The worry is that this blog goes from being a fun and interesting commentary on pending parental life in the Slope to an incredibly depressing blog about life post-pregnancy.

Which is, I suppose, par the for course, if you are 39 and having a kid. As a fertility specialist we worked with was fond of saying (over and over, each time we met, as a kind of good-natured-but-still-drive-by lesson he felt compelled to remind his older patients), women are biologically ‘meant’ to have babies in their late teens and early twenties, not in their late thirties. If this current test does provide evidence that the fetus/baby would have a severely degraded quality of life throughout their life, we’ll have to make some hard decisions based on that information. I’m not sure this is particular to Brooklyn or Park Slope, but it would still be nice. We would go from the couple happy not to have kids, to the couple who sadly could not have kids, to the couple who tragically lost a child. We’ll cross these bridges as we get to them, but for me it’s worth being at least clear-eyed about it.

Of course, nothing guarantees a healthy baby anyhow, and even if you have a healthy baby, you could always have a tree branch fall on you and kill your child, while going to the fucking zoo.


One Response to “Pregnant pause”

  1. Davin August 16, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    Hang in there, guys. There are rarely times in life when I sorta wish I was religious, so I could say “I’m praying for you” and mean it, but this is pretty much one of those times. Supportive thoughts coming your way from the old nabe…
    Your data-analysis-fu is doubtless stronger than mine own, Mr. Academic, but just in case: positive predictive value is dragged down with relatively rare outcomes, regardless of how specific the test is. You knew that already, I bet, but it makes me feel better to say it. Hang in there.

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