Just for Men – WTF

9 Aug

I saw this commercial, and it left me agog:

Let’s try to capture the vast fucked-upness of this little advertising gem, shall we?

  1. That the 5 and 8 year-old girls are deciding that ‘it’s time’ for their dad to start dating again (presumably after a divorce or death or abandonment – I guess let’s hope for divorce?). Because that’s all girls that age want, for their fathers to be happy with someone who is not them. I guess it worked for Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in the Holiday…
  2. That he’d be a good catch, but only if he dyed his hair. It goes without saying that women not turned off by a divorced/widowed/abandoned man with two daughters would obviously be put off by graying hair. I mean, I realize this is the whole value proposition for the product, but, um, right.
  3. That ‘it works’ and he ends up on a date. With a woman who doesn’t mind be cell-phone photographed, so that he could send it back to his two little kids. I mean, what woman wouldn’t be turned on by non-gray hair plus an assumption that she’s The One, all from a first date. I certainly know that all of my first dates where I pull out my phone to snap photos of my date go really great. Because nothing works better for managing expectations for all 3 women here like this little maneuver. I’m not creepy at all! Here, let’s take one together so I can send it to my kids, ok Marsha? What? Oh, right, Mandy. Such a pretty name. Pretty pretty pretty. Precioussssssssss..
  4. And the little Yentas, chillaxing at home. So helpful, so independent, so home by themselves.

Thanks Just for Men! I’m totally convinced! Plus a bonus for the person who posted the video (maybe he’s the creeptastic dude at the end?), who comments that this is one of their better ones, since dad isn’t portrayed as a buffoon.

If I arrive in this state, I formally give you permission to put me out of my misery.


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